MDC (Marketing-Design-Consultant) Service:

Marketing・Design ・ Consultant

Our service focuses on companies’ decision points and evaluation of business development project. We provide consumer demanded consultants, product design and integrated marketing services for your business.


We Concern Any Needs When Enterprise Growing…

From the perspective of the industry life cycle, we will focus on the key issues of market competition point and resource demand which based on the needs of consumers. Via industry trends analysis and product R&D, Greensanity-Health International Co. will assist our GIA members to apply appropriate government encourage project or resources.


Build company’s core capabilities through long-term corporation with Greensanity-Health International Co. :

We help your companies to build short-term, middle-term and long-term core capabilities by using strategies or methods such as introduction of new technologies, fundraising, creating product differentiation, market penetration, line stretching, new market development and diversification, to create high output value with efficiency.


Greensanity-Health International Co. hosts various activities to help companies find new business opportunities.

Activities such as business event, product design, training and experience sharing or discussion, etc.


TIAN-I Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Visit factory of TIAN-I Pharmaceutical (Taiwan's first GMP Chinese medicine factory).

O Health Co., Ltd.

SME Administration, Ministry of economic Affairs-project of international marketing: cluster of natural health food industry in Taiwan.

Viachi Co., Ltd

Agricultural products grew by“AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System” exported to Hong Kong.

Natural Taiwan Program

Topic 1: Internet marketing, expanding the international market.
Topic 2: Workshop of innovation internet marketing.