【NT Introduction】 Natural Taiwan Food Supplier Platform

If you agree the core concept of "healthy, safe and reliable", make food with its original flavor, nutrition, colors, no other artificial ingredients, and pursue healthy meanwhile delicious and safe food, we invite you to join NT Food Supplier Platform for free! 

Membership Recruitment

Natural Taiwan, a food supplier platform, gathers Taiwan's excellent food manufacturers through the group force, expands Taiwan's high-quality products overseas and promotes the concept of health-preserving by a multinational e-commerce.


Our Purpose

1. Promote “healthy, safe and reliable” products from Taiwan

2. Information exchange, knowledge sharing, and promotion of professionalism

3. The united marketing, expanding the international market


Service for our Members

1. Provide multilingual website

2. Assist in applying for government counseling programs

3. Provide business communication activities and corporate marketing training courses

4. Assist the Alliance to participate in the promotion of corporate member brands


Requirement to be our Member

1. A company or consortium established by the Business Registration Act
2. The company has been operating for more than one year
3. With "health, safe, and reliable” products

Contact: 02-2599-7269 Mr. Zheng